Think Money Group Visit to Rwanda (Dale Fannon’s blog part 1 of 6): My Rwanda Trip

It’s my first day in Rwanda with an early start to travel to Musanze.  I met Eli for the first time at our hotel in Kigali before setting off for our visit to the genocide museum.

I spent a good couple of hours walking round learning about the atrocities that happened back in 1994.  A very sobering part of the trip but an important one that really puts a lot of things into perspective; not least the reasons why we support so many good causes through give as you earn.

Everyone seemed in a reflective mood on the drive back from the museum to Musanze.  We arrived at the Muhabura Hotel; our home for the next few days, with just time to drop off our belongings before heading over to Eli’s to meet the Fair Child Youth Foundation (FCYF) committee members.  Eli introduced each member individually & they provided a brief explanation of their role in the foundation.  We then ate before heading back to Muhabura for the night.

Dale Fannon


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