Think Money Group Visit to Rwanda (Dale Fannon’s blog part 2 of 6): Day Two

Day Two

Our first full day in Musanze; we were collected by Eli after breakfast and set off to visit
the schools supported by FCYF.The first school we visited was Wisdom nursery wherewe were taken into each class & introduced.

Each class then proceeded to break into song, which was an amazing experience that brought great delight to us all. Our arrival at Wisdom primary coincided with break time & we were mobbed by the children, what seemed like hundreds wanting to shake your hand, give you a hug & have pictures taken. The warmth & affection was staggering.

We were met by the head teacher, Joseph, at the residential part of the school and were taken over to the school to see some of the pupils in lessons.

We were then taken to the deaf school and introduced to Louis the head teacher who
spoke to us about the school and how it has developed in the years since our involvement. With over 80 children learning & residing at the school it’s a fantastic project and one that all Think Money employees should be proud of.

We were introduced to each class and were given an insight into their teaching methods. Some of the elder children then gave us our name in sign language for us to learn. After lunch we returned to the deaf school & were treated to a festival of dancing which we all enjoyed & got involved in but unfortunately our rhythm could not match that of the children.

Dale Fannon


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