Think Money Group Visit to Rwanda (Dale Fannon’s blog part 3 of 6): Meeting Child-headed Households

Day Three

After breakfast we returned to the deaf school for a meeting with the mentors of the child headed households (CHH). As families are coming to terms with the aftermath of the genocide it has left many without parents where the eldest child is now considered the head of the household.

The mentors explained their role in supporting these families in the community and how, with our support & donations, they are able to assist them with everything from housing to projects to helping the head of each household to provide an income for themselves & their siblings.

They thanked us & seemed genuinely touched by us going out to visit them; this was an incredibly humbling experience which filled you with great pride knowing that by contributing even a small amount can have such far reaching consequences on other people’s lives.

We then got to experience the CHH’s first hand by walking through the village and meeting those who have benefitted from this project. Some of the children we visited were living in standards inconceivable to what we expect and far too often take for granted.

Eli and the CHH mentors also took us to the potato field project and explained how this is supporting the village with food & income.

Dale Fannon


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