Update from Kisumu, Kenya

We are all doing well in Kisumu and are also fortunate to have one of the boys who passed through the programme in 2006, teaching at the Non-formal Education. He was recommended by the programme to the Ministry of Education for a teaching course earlier this year, in collaboration with the African Development Bank for Scholarship.

He will be completing his course in December 2012 and then will be seconded by the Ministry of Education for two years to work in the programme before going to work in a formal school.

Our other news is that in September we had 44 children in temporary accommodation (12 girls and 32 boys). Interviews and counselling sessions were provided for all the children, although 13 children went back to the street. The street-workers have been doing follow ups on them.

Our free street education has been going well, reaching 95 participants, of 80 children and 15 youths. We’re also doing day and night street work, where we interact with children in the streets. We managed to get 4 children back home, 3 were picked by their relatives and 6 follow ups were done.

28 Child Right Actors attended their monthly meeting and 3 community awareness sessions reached 150 Adults.18 cases of abuse were reported and 2 cases referred to District Children Department.

The Non-formal Project extended their kitchen garden and currently all the children are very excited with the idea of planting vegetables in sacks! We aim to spread this idea to all the children who are coming from slum areas and encourage them to make their own kitchen garden at home.

We are also in the process of planning for a Non-formal Education parents day and Sports and Medical day for the children in the street. The main aim of the sports day is to gather statistics of children in the street and present educational talks.

The photos above are of some of the activities done in the month of September 2012.


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