Think Money Group Visit to Rwanda (Dale Fannon’s blog part 4 of 6): Visiting the Community

Day Four

Due to the recent floods in Rwanda the government had called for all citizens to help with repair work on damaged roads & buildings. As such we had a later than normal start to the day with Eli picking us up at 11am.

Our first destination of the day was to visit a community of widows who had lost their husbands and many of them had also lost their children during the genocide. We were welcomed with gifts of fresh fruit and vegetables and spent time listening to the widows stories, after which we had a good dancing session as the widows sang & played instruments.

They dressed us in local garments & got us off our seats to dance with them as Eli filmed it all, which should make for some interesting footage! After this we took our donations for the widows to the community centre.

After lunch we went to Wisdom for the annual ‘Wisdom versus the deaf school’ volleyball and football tournament. The volleyball ended in a draw but Wisdom won the football 4 – 2 and after the game we awarded trophies and medals to the winning team and best players.

Dale Fannon


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